Kite and Windsurfing Guide for each region presented in THE KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDEs the WORLDWIDE DIRECTORY contains a useful selection of local contact details and links. In any particular region you’ll find everything you need for the planning and execution of your trip: from accommodation and rental cars to shops, shapers, schools and gear rental as well as insider tips on eating out and nightlife. Last but not least: for every spot there is a weather forecast. The navigation within the Guide as well as all spot names are consistent structure kitesurfing and windsurfing guides.

Kite and Windsurfing Spot Guide

The Directory of the Kite and Windsurfing Guide is the most complete source worldwide for travel information for kitesurfing and windsurfing. It includes an extensive coverage of all continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean and Americas) and offers spot info for kiteboarding and windsurfing and on the conditions on the beach and on the water, as well as detailed information about shops, shapers, schools, accommodation and rental cars at your travel destination and is designed as the perfect tool for the planning of your upcoming kitesurfing or windsurfing trip. Every spot in the travel guide for windsurfing and kiteboarding has a detailed description and summary for the best conditions of wind and waves on location, as well as a reliable forecast for the weather in the next days. All the spots in the spotguide for kitesurfing and windsurfing are easily accessible on a map, enabling a comfortable and successful planning up your next kitesurf or windsurf trip.

Each spot in the travel guide every listing of an apartment, hotel, campsite, surfshop, kitesurf school, car rental service or windsurf centre in the directory for windsurfing and kiteboarding offers valuable contact details and off course also a GPS location for the navigation device in your vehicle or on your smartphone. There is not only information on local weather forecast services to check the current conditions on your favourite kitesurf or windsurf spot nearby, but also a vast collection of kit repair services by shapers for your board, kite or sail in case of heavy conditions on the water or bad treatment by the personnel of your airline. And even if there is a day not suitable for kiteboarding or windsurfing on the spots or if a good day on the water finally comes to an end, the travel guide offers the right non-watery alternatives for trips into the hinterland and the best places for a sun downer on the spot or restaurants and nightlife nearby. After a successful windsurf or kitesurf session, the travel guide also helps you to share your experience with your family and friends and the whole community of the kite and windsurfing guides. The travel guide offers easy options to share and publish your own photos on the spot guide from your recent windsurfing or kitesurfing trip and session on any destination worldwide. You may leave comments to your latest session on a beach in the spot guide, you may post your videos and photographs to share them with the local community of windsurfers and kitesurfers of the spot. In the directory of travel services in the kiteboarding and windsurfing guide you may additionally rate and evaluate the experiences you have made with shapers, windsurf or kitesurf shops, surf centres, hotels hostels, apartments and all the other services listed in the travel guide for windsurfing and kitesurfing, to share them with the community and to take advantage of the ratings of other kite and windsurf travellers for your own travel planning.

Kitesurfing and Windsurfing Guide World and Europe

Apart from the comprehensive travel information and spot details, the kitesurfing guide and windsurfing guide also offers a unique feature to search kite and windsurfing destinations all over the world for your personal mix of perfect conditions on the beaches. For every month in the year including the holiday times, the travel search of the windsurfing guide and kitesurfing guide presents the best destinations matching your custom combination of wind, waves and water temperature. Using the custom travel planner you’ll always find a broad selection of reliable regions with kite and windsurf spots of your personal flavour. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for flat water conditions for freestyle, racing, wakestyle or for a relaxed freeride spot safe for beginners or if you are interested in more advanced action for the first steps in intermediate waves of a soft beach break or yet some expert action with clean down-the-line rides in front of a big reef break monster, the spot guide of the kitesurfing and windsurfing guide and the built-in destination search offers you hand-picked and expert-approved destinations for your personal endless summer all year round.

Search Kite and Windsurfing Destinations

If you’re up to discovering your own secret spots on your kitesurfing or windsurfing trip, which are not yet listed in the spot guide, you may also share them with your friends and the community of the travel guide by including your custom beaches in the spot guide. To do so you just select the exact location of the spot on the interactive map. You may then easily add the details of the new kiteboarding or windsurfing spot known from the spot guide (flat water, medium waves, big waves) and add a custom description completing the characteristics with information and possible dangers on the location. Of course it is not only possible to share your custom beach and spots to the spot guide but you may also add your favourite restaurant, beach bar or recommendation for accommodation in hostels, apartments or on camp sites or the best shop or shaper for kitesurfers and windsurfers in your area or holiday destination. And if you’re running a kitesurfing or windsurfing related business yourself, the spot guide offers various options to list and promote your service (like hostel, apartment, watersports shop, kite centre, etc.) with full details and photos/videos directly in the spot guide. All the business listings and new spots, photos or video clips are as soon as possible checked by our team of the kitesurfing and windsurfing guide and will then be available to the whole community of the travel guide in the usual high quality of our travel guides.

At the moment we’re working with all hands on releasing the kitesurfing and windsurfing guide and are preparing all the information from the spot guides for a seamless integration of the spot info and directory listings into online maps and a liquid layout for smartphones, tablets and other online devices. Until we are ready you may of course have a look at our classic kite and windsurfing guides and at our mobile applications for Google Android and iPhone/iPad. You may also register for our Newsletter on the site of the kite and windsurfing guides, we will then keep you updated on the development and the release of the spot guide and travel guide for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Until then we wish you a windy kitesurf and windsurf season 2013 with plenty sunny hours on the water and on the beach. It’s all about getting stoked!