As kiters and windsurfers, two questions often occupy our minds: Where do I go for my next trip? And once there: which spot's working best today? Since we started travelling for windsurfing and kiting, we’ve always wished there was a reliable, accurate and complete source of information to help make these decisions.

Yet we couldn’t find such a spot guide anywhere, which is why we decided to produce one ourselves. So we quit our jobs, founded a small publishing company and started working on the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES. It turned out to be much harder work than we expected – the waves always look smaller from the beach!

After three-and-a-half years the first EUROPE GUIDE emerged – and four years later, the much anticipated WORLD GUIDE including the first KITE AND WINDSURFING DIRECTORY. Then came a complete revision of the EUROPE GUIDE and the first NAVIGATOR App, which has since been expanded to NAVIGATOR+

Fifteen years of development and hundreds of thousands of readers across 54 countries later, the time has come for the next dimension: THE KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE is now online!

This website makes all of our information available anytime and anywhere. It combines spot guide and directory into one huge database including all of the knowledge and services kiters and windsurfers could possibly need to plan and fulfill their trips.

And this site doesn’t just release all of our fully-researched information to the world – now every user is also able to contribute new spots, photos and/or services to further develop this website and improve it for everyone’s benefit.
We will check, edit and where necessary research and add to the information supplied to uphold the unrivalled quality of information the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE offers..

A mouthwatering prospect – the world with all its fantastic kite and windsurf conditions is now available for all kiters and windsurfers; anytime, worldwide, for free! But in all this excitement let’s not forget that thousands of locals around the globe have trusted us with their knowledge and sent us an amazing invitation to share their home spots. Let’s be grateful and be good guests – please show them some respect…

Also, let's look beyond the scope of our own sports. For us, feeling so connected to the ocean, 'Mother Nature' is much more than a cliché. From the very first edition of the books, we’ve featured initiatives and organisations that promote conservation and preservation of oceans and beaches and who depend on our support. We're continuing that tradition on this website in the 'Friends' menu under Ocean NGOs. But this also works on a very personal level – if every one of us, every time we’re at the beach, simply picked up a discarded plastic bottle, tin can or any piece of rubbish and put it in the nearest bin, we wouldn’t just do Mother Nature a great service: the legacy would last for decades into the future, helping to keep our spots in the shape we’d like to find them in.

Salute & keep getting stoked!

Udo Hölker

The Team

Udo Hölker

Founder of Stoked Publications and editor of THE KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES.
Udo hasn’t merely travelled the world researching thousands of spots, he’s also climbed most of the world’s highest kite and windsurfing peaks himself. Whether it’s windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing or stand-up paddling, for him “it’s all about getting stoked!”

Nik VörbeiIumberker

Head of Directory and polymath from analytics to design in paper-bound and digital publications, Nik was there from the very beginning – on board since the very first book. Lives, surfs and kites his dream on the Atlantic coast of Lisbon, Portugal.

Vincent Rafertbenzuek

IT purist and our master of programming – experienced surfer, windsurfer and kiter, a.k.a. ‘Crazy’ as, no matter what, he rides the wave to the end.

Duncan Slater

British media veteran and our English co-editor from day one – with nearly 20 years of sports publishing experience, Dunc’s worked on major windsurfing magazines and websites as well as sailing, cycling and rowing titles. The avid windsurfer, SUP school principal, journeyman SUP racer and paddlesurfer travels domestic shores in style in his beloved 1971 yellow VW campervan.

Claudia & Christopher Nygard

Probably no-one has taught kiteboarding at more locations in the US than ‘KiteGirl’ and ‘Unkle Krusty’. The bilingual, cosmopolitan hippies are mastering the complexity of sharp intelligence and warm soul in Aloha style on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Invaluable for THE GUIDEs since the early days, from translations to editorial contributions.

Yong Gi Kim

Some say it’s his Korean background, others claim a dark gaming experience is responsible for his impressive performance – either way, we just know that he’s the fastest man on the mouse! Yonggi also joined the team many years ago, so after recently taking a break for his studies in media informatics we’re stoked that he’s now with full speed back on board.

Nicole Hölker

It must have been love, as soon after Nicole met Udo met she didn’t just move in but also exchanged the catwalk for boardwalk. And if that’s not proof enough: she even let him teach her windsurfing in the cold and stormy weathers of the Irish West Coast! On the work side of their 24/7 relationship she’s responsible for office management, accounting, and unreal volumes of photo and data management. Nothing would have been possible without her.