During the Spanish conquest, Nicaragua was just the strip of land between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific. It’s now the largest country in Central America, but it’s conquistador Nicaragua – Rivas Department and Guanacaste Province in neighbouring Costa Rica, Central America’s most visited nation – that interests us. That’s because of ‘the Papagayo’; a band of wind that blasts from the mountains across the Lake to the Pacific Ocean. It’s a highly localised, seasonal effect, yet awesomely reliable – sadly there are just a handful of spots at which to exploit the phenomena.

Regions in Nicaragua

  • Sumbawa, Indonesien, Ost Asien / WickedSun, THE KITE AND WINDSUFRING GUIDE
  • Topocalma, Chile, Südamerika / Alfredo Escobar, THE KITE AND WINDSUFRING GUIDE