Regions in Portugal

Região Norte

The Região Norte borders Spanish Galicia, sharing a very similar climate with its northern neighbour. Including the vast commercial city of Porto, the ‘Costa Verde’ is both the richest and also the most fertile region thanks to its abundant ...

Grande Lisboa

The Região Centro and northern [[REGION-90]] boast some of Europe’s best surf-spots, with names that make wave-addicts drool – ‘Supertubes’ in Peniche, ‘Coxos’ and ‘São Lourenço’ in Ericeira. These breaks only work for kiting or ...

Barlovento Algarve

The Moors dubbed Portugal’s south-western tip “Al Gharb”, which roughly translates as ‘land in the west’. Dramatic steep coastlines with bizarre rock formations and a mild climate, even in winter, draw thousands of tourists to the Algarve ...

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