Atlàntida Argentina

Argentina is the land of gauchos on horseback driving vast herds of cattle across endless ‘pampas’ grasslands. A fair cliché, at least around Buenos Aires, the country’s largest and most populous region where the economy is traditionally built on farming and ranching. But it’s not just horses that get ridden on the provincial coast. The nearby Roaring Forties send respectable swell here year-round while a blend of trade winds and stormy lows provide reliable wind. Champions like Francisco Goya and Martin Vari prove that Argentina’s good for sail and kite rodeos too.
Atlàntida Argentina copyright Kerstin Reiger

Spots in Atlàntida Argentina

Punta Rasa
Villa Gesell
Mar Azul
Los Horcones
Laguna Mar Chiquita
Mar Chiquita
Mar de Cobo
Santa Clara del Mar
La Popular
Playa Grande
Punta Mogotes
San Remo
Playa Horizonte
Del Balcón
La Reserva
El Mirador 9
Los Acantilados
Monte Hermoso
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