Attica, Euboea & Skyros

The capital Athens, a city of four-million people, is in the least well-known region among surf-tourists – Attica. The venue for the 2004 Olympics is for many just an airline or ferry connection to numerous Aegean islands. Athens usually conjures images of the Acropolis, national strikes or unbelievable traffic. Few are aware that the city has a thriving surf-scene and over half a dozen spots within a 50km radius, which – with the reliable summer Meltemi – are just as windy as the rest of the Aegean. On eastern beaches, like Loutsa, it regularly goes off. Low-pressures take on the workload in wintertime, and Athens’ surfers occasionally enjoy some large waves. The islands of Euboea and Skyros remain solely summer and freeride venues though (Attica, Euboea & Skyros).
Attica, Euboea & Skyros copyright Thomas Kousioris

Spots in Attica, Euboea & Skyros

Palaio Faliro
Trolly, Loutsa
Golden Beach, Euboea
Agiokampos, Euboea
Kalamitsa, Skyros
Molos, Skyros
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