If relying on good luck for wind isn’t your idea of fun, you’ll have a better time in Cantabria . Spain’s answer to Switzerland is all mountains, dark pines, and lush fields bathed in sunshine… The snow-capped Picos de Europa plunge into the ocean to splinter the coastline into sleepy little bays with breaks where the swell never seems to end … and most importantly, thermally strengthened summer north-north-easterly wind. The coastal spots particularly suit kiting, but at least windsurfers should get going up at the Ebro reservoir too. In winter it blows south-west to north-westerly, depending on a low’s position and path.
Cantabria copyright Jean souville

Spots in Cantabria

Laredo, El Puntal
Ría de Somo
Los Peligros
El Sardinero
Ría de Mogro
San Vicente, Merón
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