Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Drug cartels, paramilitary and widespread poverty – Columbia has long had a really bad reputation! There were always big contrasts between Pacific and Caribbean, the Andes, Amazonian and Orinoco, but a lot’s changed in recent years. Particularly Columbia’s Caribbean coast, with the historic Spanish city of Cartagena and the carnival capital Barranquilla both becoming safe tourist strongholds. The other good news is that the east coast has reliable trade winds, especially during the northern winter.
Colombia's Caribbean Coast copyright Sandra Schennach

Spots in Colombia's Caribbean Coast

Cabo de la Vela
Santa Marta
El Aeropuerto
Puerto Velero
Playa Caleta
Playa Render
Las Americas
Café del Mar
Las Velas
La V
Mokana Club Laguito
Rosario Islands
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