Costa del Azahar, Valencia

The spots in and north of Valencia also make it more of an autumn or winter destination – Levante can mean wave sessions in Port Saplaya or Pobla Farnals (Costa del Azahar, Valencia ). In summer it’s better south of the city, as the Garbí thermal takes a break in the bay of Valencia and only starts reliably working again at El Perellonet (cross-on east to south-easterly). The wind starts around noon with a few hours of Garbí, then (especially at the top spots of Oliva and El Vergel, south of Cullera) it veers around to Leveche (cross-off south-east to southerly). Then it’s just a question of waiting for the warm gusts to touch 20 knots.
Costa del Azahar, Valencia copyright Josep Antoni Mollà Fuster

Spots in Costa del Azahar, Valencia

Canet d\'en Berenguer
Port de Sagunt
Pobla Farnals
Port Saplaya
La Patacona
El Saler
El Mareny Blau
Playa del Racò
Oliva Nova
Vergel Chimenea
El Paquebote
Punta Molins
Espigón Norte
Marineta Cassiana
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