Costa del Sol, Almería

Moving towards Costa del Sol, Almería, the tourist developments gradually give way to nature reserves, fishing villages and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada whose snow-covered peaks still sparkle in the sun as late as Easter. Especially at Cabo de Gata there are still beaches that serve as a refuge for free spirits, complete with beautiful natural scenery of salt-pans and flamingos.

A different kind of sea shimmers between Almería and El Ejido: the “Mar de Plástico” – endless polytunnels where strawberries, paprika and tomatoes are grown hydroponically for the North European market. Most of this area’s spots work in both Poniente (westerly) and Levante (easterly) – but Poniente is king, as it gets thermally boosted so regularly in Almería. Plus storms mean excellent wave conditions in places like Rosita, Culoperro and Carchuna. Big wave sessions are very much the exception though, while Levante’s mainly good for freeride.
Costa del Sol, Almería copyright John Carter

Spots in Costa del Sol, Almería

Los Escullos
Los Genoveses
Playa de Cabo de Gata
El Alquián
Rosita, Punta Rio
El Zapillo
Roquetas de Mar
Punta Entinas
Club de Playa
Mar Azul
Castell de Ferro
Playa Grande
La Ponderosa
La Herradura
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