Costa del Sol, Málaga

The spots at the Costa del Sol, Málaga are similar. Thermal Levante or Poniente invariably mean light-wind or moderate conditions in summer. At best in winter they can deliver more than big chop – especially Poniente offers the chance of a few starboard tack waverides. All of the region’s beaches get really crowded in summer; worst of all around the former jet-set destinations of Torremolinos and Marbella. Finding somewhere to kite can get tricky in peak season. From Málaga to Sotogrande, the coastline suffers a rash of identical apartments – yet although they used to look like ugly little boxes, at least today’s clones seem to have a recognisably Spanish flavour.
Costa del Sol, Málaga copyright Íñigo Bozzo

Spots in Costa del Sol, Málaga

El Playazo
Playa del Chanquete
Los Álamos
El Chaparral
Los Monteros
San Pedro de Alcántara
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