Dominican Republic North Coast

The Dominican Republic accounts for two-thirds of the vast Caribbean island of ‘Hispaniola’, while Haiti inhabits the west. Most Dominicans live on the south coast, but the prevailing trades fan the north coast in particular. The kite and windsurf scene is concentrated up in Cabarete. Discovered in the ’80s, this former fishing village charged through the ’90s to become the Caribbean’s favourite windsurf destination. At the same time, package tourists discovered the Amber Coast with its palm-fringed beaches and warm, turquoise waters. For a while it seemed Cabarete might be engulfed by the all-inclusive flood, but the millennial kite boom helped the pendulum swing back towards surf style. Today, wind-seekers and holidaymakers party together in travel-brochure surroundings.
Dominican Republic North Coast copyright Pura Vida

Spots in Dominican Republic North Coast

Cabarete Bay
Bozo Beach
Cabarete Reef
Kite Beach
El Canal
La Policia
La Boca
Playa Grande
Playa Preciosa
Las Terrenas
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