Galicia, Rias Altas

The ultimate wind and wave combination can be found in Galicia. Galicia, Rias Altas and [[REGION-249]] contain some of Spain’s best breaks such as Doniños, San Xorxe, Valdoviño and Traba. When a stable Azores High and a strong heat low over Spain coincide it can blow north-easterly (cross-shore at most spots) Force 4-6 for several days. The waves in summer are mainly mid-sized, but it’s rarely flat. In contrast, autumn and winter can even overwhelm the experts with 5-6m waves and gusty south-westerly winds.
Galicia, Rias Altas copyright Ismael Miján

Spots in Galicia, Rias Altas

Santa Comba
San Xurxo
Playa Grande de Miño
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