Groningen & Friesland

While the Wadden Sea-facing coast of Groningen & Friesland offers consistently easygoing sailing, the Frisian Islands on the North Sea side boast radical wave conditions. On Schiermonikoog, Ameland and Vlieland you’ll find this country’s only clean cross-shore wave spots in westerly winds. Usually the wind blows stronger on the Islands than the mainland. But amazingly, surfers don’t often visit, so outside high season you’ll have the vast sandy beaches and dune landscapes mostly to yourself – crowded waters are unknown here. Terschelling is gaining a reputation as ‘party isle’ amongst the young-guns, while Texel is more of a family destination.
Groningen & Friesland copyright Klaas Smit

Spots in Groningen & Friesland

Lauwersoog Haven
Noordzeestrand, Schiermonnikoog
Noordzeestrand, Ameland
Hollumstrand, Ameland
Nes, Ameland
Burensteiger, Ameland
Midsland aan Zee, Terschelling
Noordzeestrand, Texel
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