Isla Margarita, Coche & Cubagua

If you hear people talk about Isla Margarita they generally mean El Yaque, which has earned a reputation amongst European snowbirds as a perfect training venue for its wind consistency, shallow flat water and Caribbean charm. Whereas its peers attracted the evils of construction then suffered decline in classic a boom and bust cycle, El Yaque has kept it real. Yet even though the windsport scene is concentrated in El Yaque, a trip to Margarita can offer so much more: the two sister islands of Coche and Cubagua are close enough for day-trips by boat, and the choice across 165km of coastline is broader than you might think.
Isla Margarita, Coche & Cubagua copyright Tom Brendt

Spots in Isla Margarita, Coche & Cubagua

El Yaque
Kitebeach el Yaque
La Caracol
La Restinga
La Auyama
Punta El Tunal
La Pared
La Carmela
Punta Arenas
Punta Canero
Bahia de San Pedro
Laguna de las Salinas
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