New Caledonia

New Caledonia has provided the world with a couple of windsurfing’s true wild-men, yet has itself remained relatively untouched by windsports. World-class breaks and mirror-flat lagoons beckon with bath-warm waters and stunning tropical island backdrops – paradise! But the big problem is that the multitude of outlying islands and reefs are only accessible by water taxi or charter yacht. If you can afford it, living aboard your own floating hotel lends an extra dimension to the trip: “bon voyage en paradis!”
New Caledonia copyright Stephane Fournet

Spots in New Caledonia

Anse Vata
Plage de Magenta
Plage de Meridien
Ilôt Maître
Ilôt Goeland
Passe de Dumbéa
Ilôt Ténia
Plage de Poé
Plage de Peng
Baie de Chateaubriand
Mou 2
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