Northern Chile

In stark contrast to the chill Patagonian reaches of the south, heading north from Santiago the climate gets increasingly arid until you reach the Earth’s driest desert, the Atacama. This vast swathe of Pacific coast is known for its consistent year-round swell – yet the breaks tend to be close inshore over rocks, sharp reefs and urchins, so the moderate breeze is often exploited at more protected, flatter venues. Many breaks are rarely even surfed, with locals opting for bodyboards instead. Northern Chile is generally less crowded and definitely warmer than the south, but be prepared to cover some distance…
Northern Chile copyright Mauricio Salfate

Spots in Northern Chile

Playa Amarilla
Los Vilos
El Teniente
Puerto Aldea
La Herradura
Embalse Puclaro
Punta Choros
Bahia Inglesa
Copiapo River
Playa El Leguado
Playa Amarilla
La Riconada
El Consuelo
Playa Chinchorro
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