Penghu Islands

The Penghu archipelago consists of 64 islands cast adrift between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Penghu roughly translates as ‘booming sea’ – a dangerous name for a dangerous place as the Strait of Formosa connecting East to South China Seas is Asia’s windiest body of water. In winter stormy NE winds sweep freely across the flat islands, building considerable windswell. What was once a stopover for Chinese fishermen, migrants and pirates is now home to 100,000 people suspended between age-old tradition and cutting-edge modernity. The tragic windsurf legend Baron Arnaud de Rosnay died in his attempt to windsurf from here to China in the ’80s, and a steady stream of Penghuans succeed where he failed as they emigrate to China. There are good reasons to stay though, as the three main islands of Makung, Peishan and Hsiyu offer some interesting locations.
Penghu Islands copyright Kerstin Reiger

Spots in Penghu Islands

Guan Yin Ting
Sand Stripe Dragon Head
Beilao Bay
Guoye Sunrise
Lintou Park
Aimen Beach
Suogang Reef
Shanshuei Beach
Shili Beach
Citou Beach
Pengpeng Beach
Chihma Beach
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