Red Sea West Coast

Apart from the Canaries, Egypt’s the only destination able to deliver Europeans year-round warmth, sun and wind within a 4.5-hour flight. Tourist development of the Red Sea’s west shore started in the ’80s at Hurghada, still the area’s largest and most lively city today. First came the divers, then windsurfers, and more recently the consistent flat-water conditions have made it the premier learning and training venue for kitesurfers. Just be pragmatic about Egypt’s glut of mass tourism – look on the bright side and celebrate affordable flights and full package deals. And now, alongside countless mid-priced hotel complexes, luxury resorts like El Gouna and Soma Bay have sprung up too. Or for anyone willing to immerse themselves in the desert magic off the beaten track, both south and north have real promise...
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Spots in Red Sea West Coast

Mangroovy Beach
Seahorse Bay
Sofitel/Ibi & Friends
Grand Seas / Tommy Friedl
Yasmin Village / Tommy Friedl
Soma Bay
Abu Soma
Baby Bay
Giant Bay
Blue Lagoon
Lahami Bay
Camp Wadi Lahami
Camel Beach
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