Rhodes & Karpathos

The further south-east you travel in the Aegean, the warmer and dryer it gets. And on Rhodes & Karpathos, the wind throws another scoop on top! A million tourists a year enjoy Rhodes (including windsurfers and kiters) while Karpathos only attracts wind-addicts. No wonder, as it’s an out-and-out high wind zone. Spots like Gun Bay and Devils Bay provide a compelling case: in summertime, even hardened windsurfers fly home with stretched arms, and the more moderate off-season suits beginners and kiters as well.
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Spots in Rhodes & Karpathos

Ixia, Rhodes
Trianda, Rhodes
Kremasti, Rhodes
Theologos, Rhodes
Apolakkia, Rhodes
Prasonisi, Rhodes
Plimiri, Rhodes
Maris-Princess, Rhodes
Faliraki, Rhodes
Devil\'s Bay, Karpathos
Gun Bay, Karpathos
Chicken Bay, Karpathos
Luv Spot, Karpathos
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