Strait of Gibraltar, Algeciras

The spots of the Strait of Gibraltar, Algeciras have a distinctly industrial mood. If you prefer a more natural vibe, either stop before you get there or drive on to Tarifa. These spots are great alternatives when Levante gets too much in Tarifa though: in 1-3 Forces less wind, you’ll still be able to hold on here. From autumn to spring when low-pressure storm fronts squeezing through the Strait of Gibraltar send sunbathers packing to the golf-courses and white villages inland, kites and sails increasingly occupy the beaches.
Strait of Gibraltar, Algeciras copyright David Rivera

Spots in Strait of Gibraltar, Algeciras

Puerto de Sotogrande
La Caleta
  • Sumbawa, Indonesien, Ost Asien / WickedSun, THE KITE AND WINDSUFRING GUIDE
  • Topocalma, Chile, Südamerika / Alfredo Escobar, THE KITE AND WINDSUFRING GUIDE