Turkish Aegean Sea North

The Turkish Aegean encompasses over 1,000 hilly coastal kilometres as the crow flies. Cypress trees, olive groves and vines cover the land alongside kilometre-long beaches alternating with jagged, hard to reach bays, ancient archaeological sites and typical spa towns. As most people prefer the 2.5-hour flight to a 3-day drive from hell (either through the Balkans or by ferry from Italy via Greece) the windsport pilgrimage is to those regions that can be booked via tour operators with hired kit from generally well-stocked centres…

The first centres sprung up in the Turkish Aegean Sea North on the Çeşme Peninsula, about 80km west of ‘Izmir’. Initially based in the northern town of Iliça (known for its thermal springs) before the scene moved over to the bay of Alaçati, which soon became Turkey’s most popular venue. Windsurfing rules here, although lately two kite spots have also sprung up on the opposite bank. Alongside numerous centres, the number of apartments and hotels around the bay has also increased. Yet many visitors still prefer to stay 8km away in Iliça and commute via scooter or taxi between sailing and evening pursuits. Both are plentiful, since the Çeşme Peninsula isn’t just a windsports paradise. Its proximity to Izmir – Turkey’s third largest city – means the beaches of Iliça and Çeşme are also popular holiday resorts for many prosperous Turks. The result is a colourful blend of tradition and modernity. On the one hand, idyllic fields of anise, sesame and artichokes, narrow streets, tavernas, water fountains and teahouses: on the other, a dull thud of bass on the beach and plenty of alcohol in bars and nightclubs until the early hours. Pirlantaon the west coast is growing in popularity among kiters, while Teos in Sigacik Bay just keeps getting quieter despite boasting similar conditions to Alaçati. A great antidote to the super-touristy Çeşme Peninsula is a trip to the formerly Greek island of Gökçeada, level with the Dardanelles off mainland Turkey’s north coast. It’s worth the hassle of getting there for plenty of natural beauty and space at rarely visited spots.
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Spots in Turkish Aegean Sea North

Pirlanta Beach
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