10km later you’ve officially reached Zeeland . Haringvlietdam, Brouwersdam, Oosterscheldekering and Veersedam protect the low-lying interior against flooding and combine previously distinct locations into one region. A journey that now takes a matter of minutes by car used to mean several day-trips before the dykes were built, which explains the amazing diversity of language and culture exhibited to this day. But to many visitors Zeeland is just a sunny beach-holiday resort – party-town Renesse and the slightly more sophisticated Domburg are enduring attractions. It’s popular among windsurfers too; classic spots like Brouwersdam and the Grevelingenmeer keep the freeride community stoked, there are serious wave spots like Ouddorp and Domburg, and even a rare location for westerly winds at Vrouwenpolder. The wide-open beaches and dunes of Zeeland are spectacular and allow kiters and windsurfers to co-exist in harmony at most spots. The nights bring everyone back together again as the scene gathers at Scharendijke’s legendary Surf-Inn for a beer. These days the beach-clubs right on the Brouwersdam have also updated their snack-bar image to a more stylish lounge interior – ideal for a bite between sessions or a sundowner complete with sea views. Perry’s on the southern end of the dam even offers an open fire for defrosting after a chilly spring or autumn session.
Zeeland copyright Jeroen Goudswaard

Spots in Zeeland

T\'Hekje, Ouddorp
De Punt
Neeltje Jans
Cadzand Bad
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