This website was created to present high-quality spot info alongside striking location photos for kiters and windsurfers worldwide. What began as a collaboration of hundreds of experienced locals and photographers for the legendary KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES is now happening online via a global community.

And we want you to contribute your local knowledge, photos and soon videos to help us keep improving this site!

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You can already contribute:

  • Photos
  • New spots (including SUP info)
  • Extra info for existing spots

And soon:

  • Videos
  • SUP info for existing spots
  • Comments

Contributing photos and videos


Simple! The more quality photos (and videos) the better the website gets for everyone. Also, every contribution gets you noticed… Each of your photos or videos in the spot gallery will feature your profile picture and a link to your profile page. Plus, your profile pic and link appears up front in the spot gallery.

As a Rider you can share your profile with like-minded people around the globe, so your contributions will help you gain worldwide recognition. Whether you’re amateur or professional, this will help your reach amongst friends, fans and maybe even sponsors.

As a Photograhper, not only can you build your reputation via your contact data but also promote your website, Facebook page and/or Instagram account – presenting your work to more followers, media and clients.

As a service Provider, your photos will be tagged with your profile picture which directly links to your listing. So you'll gain much more attention for your listing from everyone interested in your region.


Each spot features its own photo gallery. By hitting + you can register and upload your images, no matter if there are already photos in the gallery or not.

Adding a new spot


This answer’s pretty simple too! Having compiled our info for the legendary KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES we’re already the most complete source of quality spot information on the planet – yet there are certainly plenty of places left that we haven’t yet been able to feature. Now with this website, together we can complete the picture…


As a registered user, hit ‘Add a spot’ in your account menu to open the spot template. Then just mark the precise location on the map and enter the relevant info. Plus a spot’s SUP potential has become an important question for more and more kiters and windsurfers. Alongside kite- and windsurf related ifo you'll also have the chance to submit relevant sup info for each spot you're adding. In order to ensure the quality of information, we obviously can't just release a new spot without checking the details ourselves. We'll edit the entry as soon as possible and contact you with any questions. So along with your email address please include further contact details, such as a phone number or Skype name, with the best time of day to reach you.

Adding info to existing spots

We definitely want to use the community’s knowledge to update or add to spot info if necessary. Wherever you think we should add more info to an existing spot, click the blue + behind "spot info contributed by" and submitt relevant info to us. We'll get back to you about it as soon as possible.

We are already working on more functions that will soon be released:

  • Posting comments
  • Got something to say about a spot? Experiences you'd like to share with the community? Soon you can post a comment beside the spot info in our community section.

  • Adding SUP info to existing spots … stay tuned, coming soon!