We’ve done our best to make this website as intuitive as possible – here’s an overview of its key features:

Home Page

The home page shows a world map covered in blue circles – each of which represents a ‘cluster’ of map markers. Dark blue clusters are groups of spots, light blue are directory listings (i.e. service providers). Simply zoom in on any region until the clusters dissolve to reveal the map markers. You can change the size of your map by grabbing and dragging the handle at the bottom.

Below the map you'll see the menu categories and their listings (spots, accommodation, etc.) Don't be surprised if there’s nothing there at first … just zoom into the map until the spot markers appear and the entries will display too, neatly sorted by distance. Initially, the first will be the closest to the centre of the map, but as soon as you pick a spot or entry distances are taken from that marker.

In 'Spots' the default view is our ‘latest...’ collection, as long as the clusters are still showing. These are the community's latest contributions from all over the world – so if you’re not sure where to explore, be inspired by the spots that are currently trending!

From the home page you can zoom right into the map to get an overview of the regions that interest you with the help of the sport markers. While navigating, the listings in the menu categories change in real-time … again, always sorted by distance to the map’s centre or currently selected marker.

By double-clicking on a marker (either spot or listing) the map automatically zooms in and centres on this entry. Click once on a map marker to open the info window with a photo and associated symbols. Then click on the photo or name in the window to switch to the full description – i.e. to the detailed view of a specific spot or listing.

Spot details

On opening the ‘Spots’ page, the map moves to the left of the screen for clarity – so you can explore the map alongside the detailed spot info. In the right pane you’ll see a photo gallery, the spot characteristic symbols, the name of the spot and region at a glance.

Hit the + on the photo gallery for the login area, where you can register and upload your own photos and videos. More on how this works under ‘Contributing’.

Below the photo gallery is the spot info text. It comes from the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES and has been exclusively compiled first-hand by experienced locals. As this website offers us more space for text and information than the books and apps, we’re planning to present all WORLD GUIDE spots with separate individual texts, as per locations from our EUROPE GUIDE. Currently WORLD GUIDE listings all include the full region text, but these will be rewritten to the new format as soon as possible.

As we do so we will also expand the existing text with details and comments from registered users. Some of the planned community functions are still labelled ‘Coming soon’ – so stay tuned…

Beneath the text you'll find the latest wind forecasts for the spot – and not just any forecast, but the very best available for kiters and windsurfers:

WindGuru with its super-clear forecast chart.

WindyTy with its innovative animated display.

Here we'd like to take a moment to extend special thanks to our weather partners – thank you for these great forecasts and keep up the good work!