In order to show a spot’s character at a glance, we’re using our familiar symbols from the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES and NAVIGATOR Apps. hese unique icons have stood the test of time over the last 15 years and serve two important roles: for travel planning they offer a simple overview of a region’s potential, then on location they help pick the best spot for each session.

Spot character, optimal wind range and main usage

  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsFlatwater spot (freeride, freestyle, speed). Best wind: NE-SE
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsMid-sized wave spot (up to 2m). Best wind: S-SW and NW-N
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsBig wave spot (often more than 2m). Best wind: W
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsThe spot is mostly visited by kiters / windsurfers / both

Secondary spot character

Most spots have an obvious primary character so the green, yellow or red symbols usually explain what they’re like and in which conditions they work best. A big wave spot will certainly see flat days without swell or wind, but its potential to deliver consistently in the right conditions earns it the red symbol. The same goes for green flatwater spots – even if gale force winds can whip up waves every so often.

Yet there are spots that, in different wind strength / direction and with or without groundswell, show a completely different character and are regularly ridden that way. Another spot might boast a flatwater lagoon inside while waves break over a sandbar or reef further out. When a spot is also popular in these alternative conditions, we give it a second pair of symbols.

We call this second pair of symbols the secondary spot character – which always appears after the first, dominant spot character:

  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymboleKite and windsurf spot with medium waves in westerlies; flatwater conditions in easterlies

Extra icons

  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsBig days – waves over 3.5m are possible
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsStanding-depth area bigger than 20m
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsStrong current
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsThe tide has a clear influence on spot quality (i.e. wave size, quality, or length of walk to the water)
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SymbolsParking near the spot / over 200m away

Let's summarise:

Every spot is presented with its primary spot character, ideal wind direction and common usage (mostly kiters, windsurfers or both). Secondary spot characteristics will only be listed when the spot regularly delivers these conditions. Further explanations will feature in the main text (e.g. when to expect certain conditions, specific tidal effects, or what produces big days).

SUP Info

Suitability for SUP has nowadays become an important criteria for kiters and windsurfers when chosing a spot or planning their trips. Therefore we offer optional SUP info in addition the kite- & windsurfing characteristics of a spot. The SUP symbol shall answer the questions: Is this spot also suitable for SUP? And, if yes, which SUP conditions are likely to be found on non windy days?

  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SUP key flat water spotFlat-water spot (learning, cruising, racing)
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SUP key medium wave spotMid-sized wave spot (up to 2m max.)
  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SUP key big wave spotBig wave spot (often more than 2m)

The SUP symbol may differ from the kite-& windsurfing symbols as i.e. on non-windy days waves rather reach mid size (yellow) instead of windy big days (red) or SUP conditions might usually even remain completely flat (green). The SUP symbol shall refer to conditions which are most suitable for SUP and which are mostly chosen for practising SUP at this spot.

Alongside the symbol there is space for a text description what makes the spot suitable for SUP and/or what in particular it has on offer for SUP enthusiasts. This text can also describe why the spot may be unsuitable for SUP or why there's rather no SUP at all seen at this spot. The appropriate symbol in this case would then be the crossed out paddel.

  • KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE SUP key unsuitable spotUnsuitable for SUP