Present your services to kiters and windsurfers worldwide…

Reach precisely those whot are interested in your region…

Attract potential clients exactly when they want your service…

And so – get new customers!

Whether you run a shop, school, hire centre, accommodation near the spot – even a restaurant, bar or café – if your target audience includes kiters and/or windsurfers, then a listing on this website will attract them to your services and help make them your clients!

For over 10 years, hundreds of thousands of readers have trusted the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDES’ spot information for planning and making the most out of their trips. It started in book format for EUROPE and WORLD GUIDEs, and lately also the sensational NAVIGATOR+ App. But with this website we’re taking the concept to a whole new level. For the first time, all of our spot information is available for free online – complete with a comprehensive directory including all the offers and services kiters and windsurfers could possibly want when planning and enjoying their trips.


  1. Register as a service provider and complete your profile.
  2. After confirming your email address, you can jump right in and create your listing. This can be done either via ‘Add a Listing’ in the user menu or at the foot of the appropriate service category via ‘Add Listing’.
  3. Enter your contact data, check the position of the map marker and uploade pictures. Complete by clicking "Save & Preview". Now "Proceed to Checkout", fill in required data (for invoicing and records) and complete the checkout by clicking the button "Place Order".
  4. We will now quickly check your information and release your listing as soon as possible.
  5. Your listing will appear with an icon and name on the spot map at the core of the website. This spot map appears to all users, all the time, on every page. As long as a user zooms into your region, they will always see your listing.

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Simple, affordable and fair.

It was never about the money for us here at the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE. Witness the fact that it took us 10 years to break even, not even counting our own time … but we love our work and have, together with thousands of enthusiastic contributors, created something unique. We'd like to maintain the same ethos with this website, in everything from the spot info to the payment model for your listing.

How does this work? Here’s our offer:

  1. 12 months’ listing for just €50!
  2. Special launch offer: create your listing now and the first year is just €40!

So, what are you waiting for? Start benefiting from your listing in the KITE AND WINDSURFING GUIDE right now!

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