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Arugam Bay - The Point

Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
In the region around Arugam Bay the SW wind hugs the coastline, turning SSW in summer. It varies from beach to beach between cross-on and cross-off from the right. Arugam Bay - The Point is THE spot in Sri Lanka. It’s a couple of hundred metres out of town, but you can still see the waves from there, breaking on a reef surrounding the headland. Like everywhere else in this region the wind starts late morning and blows until late afternoon, it’s slightly offshore near the village but dead cross-shore on the point. The waves are clean and hollow but sometimes lose quality in a very strong wind. They start fast but then slow down, allowing more turns. Although breaking for up to 300m, it’s best not to prolong your ride too far as the wind dies at the end of the wave. But you can sail over to the beach in front of the Stardust Hotel. Stardust isn’t as demanding as The Point but it’s still a nice beach-break, and the bigger the swell the better your wave selection needs to be as they often close-out. Follow the bay north and the beach gets wider in front of the Dünen von Pottuvil. Either do the downwinder, or take a tuk-tuk and walk over the dunes. Depending on swell it’s freeride or waves, with cross-onshore wind from the right. The wind’s more cross-shore at Pottuvil Beach and relatively solid, although conditions aren’t as clean as Arugam Bay and there are a couple of rocks to avoid in the water. On a big swell don’t miss the legendary surfing break Pottuvil Point. The tuk-tuk ride in is through a small reserve where troops of apes monkey around in a lagoon. The launch is upwind of the point at the end of Pottuvil Beach, and on its day the wave can run 300m from the huge grey rocks on the point. However, the cross-offshore wind is partly obscured by the rocks, so it needs a big swell to break in the wind zone. An easier option is Elephant Rock 4km south of Arugam Bay. The beach inside the point is perfect for wave-kiting with cross-onshore wind from the right, although for windsurfers it’s better jumping than riding. Even with swell the waves aren’t too steep so are easy to ride, getting progressively cleaner yet smaller towards the Elephant Rock marking the southern end of the bay. As everywhere in the region, the tuk-tuks sitting on every corner don’t mind taking kit to the spot. In this instance they’ll drop you at the end of a sandy track and the rest is on foot. Mind how you go though: elephants come to drink at the crocodile-infested river you walk past.

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Arugam Bay - The Point ist DER Spot in Sri Lanka. Er liegt ein paar hundert Meter südlich des Dorfes, doch selbst von dort aus kann man die Wellen noch sehen.
Arugam Bay - The Point is THE spot in Sri Lanka. It's a couple of hundred metres out of town, but you can still see the waves from there, breaking on…