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CTO Beach, Larnaka

Cyprus Republic
CTO is a large sandy beach in the middle of Larnaca Bay on the south coast of Cyprus. Larnake is the main tourist center in the area, just 20 minutes from the international airport. Good wind probability with 50% and more from April to October with peak in midsummer. Normally, the wind builds up during the day and reaches 4-5 Bft. in the afternoon, sometimes even 6 Bft. Sideonshore from SW, it generates typical wind waves, further out a gentle rolling swell. In winter with wind from the south it can get pretty big. Water temperatures in winter are around 18°C and rise in summer up to 28°C. The air temps in winter peak around 20 ° C, in summer it climbs up to 35°C.
The environment is fully developed with all touristic amenities including a kite and windsurf center. However, on the other hand nothing for peace-seeking romantics. In summer you’ll see predominantly windsurfers, Kiters rather in winter. Durmng high season kiters prefer the comfortable beaches west of Larnaca.

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Summer mornings allow for nice and smooth SUP tours on flat water until the wind kicks in. After a few windy days there’s also a little wave rolling. In winter you can also catch real waves.

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