Just 5km west of the airport is the lagoon at Maharepa, where north-easterlies provide kiting and windsurfing photo opportunities for honeymooners in Moorea Pearl Resort. The lagoon named after the Hotel Beachclub that once stood in the north-west of the island is also a dreamscape in NE wind. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and even somewhere to rest in the shape of two small islands just offshore. The larger of the two ('Dream Island’ or 'Motu Fareane’) has a beach café that serves a mean seafood salad. If you’re planning to sail the Beachclub lagoon, don’t forget your diving mask for a post-session snorkel with the resident rays. Haapiti on the west coast is famously the island’s best break, a quick left-hander on a reef channel about 1km offshore. It works regularly too as a south-easterly 'Mara’amu’ often coincides with the required SW swell during May to October’s dry season. Big swells can mean big days, but wave heights are generally a more manageable 2-2.5m. Haapiti also offers flat water on a large lagoon, the rendezvous on fantastic downwinders from Lagune von Atiha. At the foot of lush green foliage-covered cliffs, the turquoise lagoon is a breathtaking setting. And because the south-easterly wind diverges around the southern point, the alternative downwinder extends around half of the island to Temae – another of Moorea’s picture-postcard scenes of turquoise lagoon and pure white sandy beach. Logistically, the spot’s really well placed: the airport’s 2km north, and the ferry to Tahiti 5 minutes south. Also not far from the harbour is Afareaitu, a break that works in N to NE. Even if the wind’s too light for the lagoon, a venturi effect between Moorea and Tahiti often produces planing strengths here. Plus just a little swell offers a nice forgiving left-hander that’s good for over three bottom turns.

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Haapiti an der Westküste ist der bekannteste Spot Mooreas. Hier bricht die beste Welle der Insel, ein schneller Lefthander am Riffchannel etwa 1 km…
Haapiti on the west coast is famously the island's best break, a quick left-hander on a reef channel about 1km offshore.