St Mawes

Devon & Cornwall
St Mawes offers 2 launch spots. The easiest to access is from the little shingle beach just below the lower car park for St Mawes Castle. This works well in anything from a Northerly to north westerly, but can be particularly good for flat water in a northerly with outgoing tide. It can produce large swell in a southerly with some spectacular swell riding in the right conditions. Be aware of the current and of the shipping channel at all times. Small parking charge.
In a south westerly, look to launch from Tavern Beach below the Tresanton Hotel. Here the conditions are either flat water or great bump and jump, but watch out for high tide when the beach disappears and there is a back wash off the sea wall. You can drop kit at the beach, then move your car to the car park by the castle.

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Very safe flat water cruising with miles of rivers and creeks to explore.

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