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Sakalava Bay

Madagascar North
Sakalava Bay is located at the northern tip of the immense island of Madagascar. Although it feels like a paradise at the end of the world, the town of Diego Suarez with approx. 120K inhabitants is just 18 km or 35 minutes away and in about 45 minutes you’ll reach Arrachart airport, from where you get connection flights to the international Airport of Madagascar in the capital Antananarivo.
Sakalava Bay bosts over 2km of sandy beach with two major zones to launch and ride. Inside the bay dominates perfect flat water and the protection from reefs and sand banks makes it a great spot for learning. Wave lovers follow their passion 600m out on the reef. Average waves reach up to 2m with big days possible when there’s a solid swell. When the tide is up Sakalava Bay is also suitable for foiling (min 15cm - max 300cm).
In Sakalava Bay the wind blows everyday from morning to dusk, 8 months in a row. Windsport season runs from late March to late November and it peaks between June and September when the wind is strongest. Wind direction in Sakalava Bay is side/side-on. Wind speed in high season (May - September) spans between 20 - 40 knots so bring a small kite (5 - 7 m) for those strong wind days. In low season there are still regular winds between 15 - 20 knots when you'll need medium to big kites.
Bikini and boardshorts weather! Madagascar and Sakalava bay are fairly hot all year round. Water temperature is usually about 28° Celsius but it can drop down to 23° in July and August so bring a shorty just in case.
Whilst you won’t need specific vaccines for Madagascar. it is still recommended to be updated to conventional vaccines. Although the Diego region is much less exposed to Malaria compared to the east coast of the island, Malaria prophylaxis is highly recommended, if not essential. A treatment of Savarine type usually will do it. Be careful not to get a too heavy dose on your presciription (which is relatively common) as you might suffer from it more than it helps. Assistance repatriation insurance is recommended.

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Sup is mostly practised in the non windy month between December and March.

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